"My first experience with PETS-R-US was excellent in every aspect. I contracted PRU to take care of our pets. One of our pets suddenly had a health issue. PRU took the appropriate action by notifiying us and bringing our beloved pet to the Vet immediately. Had PRU not taken swift action, things would of been detrimental. This Pet Service has a true concern for your pet(s) and provides a superior service. I strongly recommend this service... you know your pet will be in the best care while you are away. I plan to use this Serivce again."

Jamie from Leesburg, VA

“PETS-R-US has been taking care of my cats for over 12 years. They are always dependable, and I never worry about my animals while I am away. It is obvious that Nancy, the owner, truly loves animals of all kinds. Part of their standard routine for operation is to have the customer call when they get back in town. It is comforting to know that if I am delayed somehow in returning, PETS-R-US will continue caring for my cats until they know I have returned home.”

Judy from Purcellville, VA

“PETS-R-US has been taking care of my dog Riley for the past 2 years. Riley was just a puppy when we entrusted PETS-R-US to look after him on a daily basis, since my husband and I both work. They come every day to let him out, give him treats and play with him. Sometimes, when I work from home, I can see how excited he gets when they come to the door. They are like second parents to him. When Riley was little, they would clean up any messes and they always leave me a daily note as to how things went for the day. At the Holidays, Riley even received a gift as well as the 2 cats I have laying around (not sure they deserved one :)) Communication with me is great and their vacations are covered by someone so you are never having to search for a fill in. Whatever needs you might have with your pet(s), I would recommend PETS-R-US. We have been very pleased and so has Riley!"

Kelly from Leesburg, VA

“Nancy has been my pets’ ‘best friend’ for the last 13 years. Not to mention my savoir daily and during the many vacations/business trips for all these years. She does a great job and is always on top of things – from the maintenance and feeding of my pond and fish for weeks when I broke my leg to giving insulin injections to my diabetic cat. Just never have to worry when Nancy says, ‘she’ll be there’.”

Barbara from Leesburg, VA

“Nancy: I want to let you know how much I appreciate all your help over the years. I know I can trust you to be here or to arrange for very capable substitutes. Ted enjoys the time he spends with you!”

Connie from Leesburg, VA

"For over ten years, PETS-R-US Service has been an integral part of our lives. Nancy and her staff have taken care of our dogs in a number of different situations. From the time our dogs were puppies and through their adult years, we knew that when Nancy and her staff were caring for the dogs, they would get the best of care.

Nancy has always been most reliable, often going beyond what was asked, saw to it that our dogs were given extra attention if there was a change in weather while we were gone from the area and made sure that our dogs were treated with a large amount of love and care.

When we lost two of our dogs to age and disease, a few years ago, Nancy sent a sympathy card and note to us. I never got over that. It was as if she knew just how much sadness and grief we were feeling over the loss of Max and Cleo. Her note of understanding helped us greatly."

Priscilla from Waterford, VA

"Nancy Meissner has taken care of my Jack Russells since 1999. And taken care of me as well! When Chelsea had liver disease and had to take about 6 medications daily, Nancy helped to administer them. Chelsea got to know Nancy well. When I was home with a migraine, I would call Nancy to come and she would take Chelsea out for a mid-day walk in an unobtrusive manner. When I had to be in the hospital for several days, Nancy had near full day duty with Chelsea feeding her, taking her out, and giving her meds, and managed to fit in her other clients as well. Now I have two quite energetic and playful 2 year old Jack Russells, Mack and Megan, and Nancy is continuing the tradition and keeping them exercised and happy."

Antoinette from Leesburg, VA


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“PETS-R-US has been there for me for the past 10 plus years. Being a single ‘parent’ of pets can be challenging at time but I never have to worry because I always know I can count on them. I wound up in the hospital for several weeks but didn’t worry, as Nancy took over the feeding of both my indoor cats & the feral ones on my farm. My aging kitty needed medication and fluids and she took care of that as well. Then, when I was home again, she trapped the feral kitties and transported them to the vets for neutering and vaccinations! She has really made a difference in my life and the lives of all my cats.”

Susan from Hamilton, VA

“Just a note to say ‘thank you’ for helping me out during all my family emergencies. Without you being here to take care of my critters and making sure Arial and Elsie got their medicine when needed, I would have had to have one more thing to worry about. Knowing you were here taking care of them, made my trips up north and down south easier. I knew they were in very capable hands and I had nothing to worry about when it came to the care of my critters."

Louise from Purcellville, VA

"Nancy Meissner, Pets-R-Us, has been looking after my cats for more than 10 years. I have, at times, had as many as four cats. Her service has always been extraordinary. Nancy has taken care of ill cats giving them the medication they needed with no problem. I can’t imagine hiring anyone else and hope I will never have to."

Kathleen from Leesburg, VA

“I have employed Nancy Meissner and Pets-R-Us for mid-day visits since 2004. Since I have a long commute to and from work, I rely on Nancy to visit every workday and let my 2 "elderly" Huskies out into the backyard for a potty/play break. Their health and well-being are important to me. I would not entrust these visits to just anyone. One of my dogs has a bad stomach and can only eat 'special treats'. Nancy makes certain she only eats those treats. My dogs love her and I trust her with them.”

Mike from Leesburg, VA

"I have been using Pets-R-Us for 7 years for mid-day visits for Angel, my Labrador Retriever. After her hip replacement surgery, Pets-R-Us came over several times during the day to check on her, help her outside and to give her meds. I don’t like leaving my pup alone during the day but I know she will be taken good care of during her mid-day walk when Pets-R-Us comes to visit."

Stephanie from Hamilton, VA

"Thank you SO MUCH for the utmost care you provided to our kitties during our trip. I cannot express in words my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done! I know that caring for six cats is far from an easy job, especially with Tuxie and Smokey getting sick. Thank you again!"

Bonnie and Dave from Leesburg, VA

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