Benefits of In-Home Care

With PETS-R-US your pets will:

  Receive personalized and professional care.
  Remain in an environment where they feel safe and secure.
  Follow their usual routine and diet, including drinking water.
  Avoid exposure to disease and parasites from other animals.
  Avoid stress related to boarding, caging and transporting.
  Be cared for by qualified, loving care givers.

With PETS-R-US you will:

Not be inconvenienced by transporting your pet to and from a kennel or boarding facility.
Be able to meet the person who will be caring for your pet in person.
Not impose on relatives or neighbors while away and having
your pet cared for.
Insure that your home will be attended to daily by
responsible, professional adults, giving it a "lived in"
appearance and thus making your home more secure.
Insure that your plants will continue to be watered during
your absence.
Not need to have your mail and newspapers stopped.

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